To celebrate 90 years of Robeco's, we have been asked to organize a spectacular evening for national and, for the first time in 90 years, international colleagues and their partners. This is how Robeco Bright Night was born. 

We honoured the bright minds of the past, who founded the company and played a key role in Robeco’s history. We embraced the strong brand values with you, the heroes of today, who enable the talents of tomorrow, a new generation of cautious pioneers, to create a bright future for the company.

Robeco is a global leader in sustainable investment and offering equal opportunities to children is an important ambition for the Robeco Foundation. In line with this policy, we invited young students from the Institute of Performing Arts to experience their very first performance on Robeco’s impressive stages during the event.

We turned Ahoy into a Bright location. From the sunny poolside reception, to a sit down dinner for all 1200 guests, ending with a closing party in the spectacular Bright Club. From a drum act, to a band, ending with a DJ. And what a night it was...