Long live Rembrandt. For the campaign 'Iedereen een Rembrandt' from the Mauritshuis, the Rijksmuseum, Museum Het Rembrandthuis and Museum De Lakenhal, we organized a mobile Rembrandt studio, full activations for young and old bringing Rembrandt back to life for a moment. 

We toured from the 'Vierdaagsefeesten' in Nijmegen to Alkmaar, Bergen op Zoom, Groningen, Maastricht and we ended up at the World Port Days in Rotterdam.

Everyone got to know Rembrandt better. Many drew their own "selfie" portrait, entered a virtual version of a painting by Rembrandt, and together we created a replica of The Night Watch. Many visitors listened to the special audio tour about four Rembrandts narrated by Robert ten Brink and Kim van Kooten. Two famous Dutchies. 

Anyone living in a Rembrandtstreat / alley / avenue or square near the event received a special invitation to come to the mobile Rembrandt studio as a guest.