Freedom of the press is unfortunately not self-evident worldwide. Journalists are threatened or sometimes even killed. Free Press Unlimited is committed to journalists in conflict areas. To create awareness for this, we set up various activities for FPU.

Free Press on tour

We kicked off with a tour. On the markets of journalistic student cities Tilburg and Zwolle, we sketched violent situations with actors in which journalists often find themselves. We reached a lot of local press (front page!) and a good number of spectators on the market.

Free Press Newspaper

The next move was the FPU newspaper. We have been making a newspaper for all stakeholders for a number of years in which all sorts of FPU stories get featured. From articles to interviews. From initiatives that they support to current issues.

Free Press Live

We ended with the Free Press Awards. The nominees were invited on stage to show (!) their story to the 200 attendees. Three categories, three nominees per category, three winners. This year the stories of the nominees received more attention, more body. We delved into the stories on the basis of videos. Images speak more than words. In addition this offers a lot of great material for FPU to use in further communication.