It is always a milestone: the start of the construction of the fiber optic network in a municipality. We organize a party for our customer, E-Fiber. 

We normally celebrate this 'live' with the municipality, ambassadors and providers. Also the contractor and others involved are there. This is how the symbolic start of the construction is given. With a shovel, a speech and first shovel moment. But in times of corona ... We take a slightly different approach.

All parties involved received an invitation and something tasty to toast with by post. The alderman and E-Fiber raised the glass on the spot. Thanks to a camera crew, over 50 invitees digitally toasted via a large LED screen and hundreds of others watched via a live stream hosted on the E-Fiber website and social media channels.

This way we still got a stir in Oss, at the start of the construction, and this brought a lot of nice media attention. From various news sites to local newspapers, via social media to local TV.

In this way we give a digital twist to our events in order to still have an impact.