E-Fiber installs optical fiber solutions throughout the Netherlands. They are committed to super-fast and reliable internet from the beating center to the furthest farm. And everyone should know!

It was time to give these fiberglass boys a new twist with the central promise; 'With optical fiber I am and I will stay connected to my world', translated into a new campaign. This is how "Your world, stay connected" was born. Because internet connects. It connects you to the web. But more importantly, it connects you with the world around you: your family, the sports club and your friends from the past. With your remote doctor, online lectures and video meetings at work.

This new twist has a lot to offer. From their own font to a customized corporate identity. From a new website to a brand video. From a shoot for consumers to a corporate shoot. From an optical fiber store to the "GIGA GIDS". From ATL to BTL.

We campaign locally from Deurne to Oss. From Zeist to Zundert. We are present at events, organize information evenings and consultation hours. We opened a optical fiber store and we work with local heroes who fight for optical fiber. In short, we do everything we can to convince everyone to say 'yes' to optical fiber and to switch to a super fast and reliable connection, for now and the future!