Let's face it, nobody likes a slow internet connection. E-Fiber is committed to realize fiber networks in The Netherlands and is responsible for the entire infrastructure and construction if the majority of a community is for. With this, everyone, from small town to big city or countryside will enjoy the benefits of this super fast and reliable connection. We help E-Fiber to create a buzz, in every possible way!

Zeg nou zelf, traag internet wil niemand toch? E-Fiber maakt zich hard voor glasvezelnetwerken in Nederland en verzorgt de gehele infrastructuur zodra er voldoende animo is. Zodat iedereen, dorp, stad of buitengebied, gebruik kan maken van een supersnelle en betrouwbare verbinding. Wij helpen E-Fiber reuring maken, op alle fronten!

What started with a logo and brand guide, is grown to a campagne in 15 areas in The Netherlands. From north to south, from outdoor posters to online activation and a pop-up tore, we will go to the moon and back to convince people to switch to fiber. The most sustainable and reliable network for now and for the future!