Every year bol.com organizes a day to inspire its employees, sharing the strategy and looking to the future together. Live, from a real stage. That was also the intention for 2021, but in times of corona, the Inspiration Day has been skillfully transformed into an online edition.

We created a virtual hometown; Bolville. A digital platform to which all bol.com'ers could come ‘home’. Bolville had 16 recognizable locations such as the head office, the warehouses, the auditorium, the playground. These typical bol.com locations functioned as online stages with plenty to experience. From a strategy film with  live Q&A sessions with the board members to iconic keynote speakers. From a Bolympic Game to interviews and energy sessions. A morning full of inspiration and togetherness.

Going online offered all kinds of new opportunities and challenges! There was no limit on the number of guests (2500!), but making the real connection and the feeling of being together was of course a challenge. With an 8.9 as event review, we can say that we have succeeded!