For women

Gender inequality has only increased due to CV-19 as there has been a cumulative impact of front-line employment, lower pay and health impacts that have been objectively more challenging for women than men since the start of the pandemic. Women have been a key contributor to economic growth in NL the past 15 years, yet only 37% of business owners in NL are women.

Google wants to support women with their economic potential and to help them get digital skills to be successful in this challenging climate through inspiration, tools and training.

The online event

Bloei is an online Grow with Google event filled with inspiration and practical tips for (aspiring) business owners consisting of inspiring keynote speakers (well known) and numerous successful female business owners, power workshops and a network opportunity to connect with other participants. 

This event kicks-off an ongoing drumbeat of trainings dedicated to supporting female owned-businesses with partners like Black Ladies Talk, EZN and Women INC.

With a very diverse program, female entrepreneurs were invited to join the event for free and get inspired by speakers like Chantal Janzen, Emilie Sobels, Rahma El Mouden and the Healthy Sisters.