Sun, palm trees and sangria in January are (clearly) fabulous for a creative boost. But what brought us to Sevilla in Spain was the 'get together' that we have 3 times a year with our 27Names colleagues.

Thirty creative and like-minded entrepreneurs together for two days. From Helsinki to Moscow and from Paris to Dublin, from all over Europe we travel to one destination to be well and truly immersed in the business. We discuss hot topics such as pitching or European cyber legislation, we’re surprised about the cultural differences, we laugh at the language misunderstandings and we inspire each other with our own work that we are proud of.

"Success is a group activity"
The trip to the Spanish agency Be ON sharpened our senses. This latest addition to 27Names stunned us with its own tech-room full of gadgets, ready to be tested. Their ingenious methods of presentation inspired us to think differently - and they certainly poked holes in the idea that Spain is all about mañana, mañana. Jaime and Ander provided a spectacular kick-off to the year for this special club of people.

The content isn’t just down to the agency hosting the meeting. Everyone makes a contribution within the group of like-minded people. What really stuck in our minds is the keynote and the call from John (Verve - Dublin) to let go of our acquired knowledge and experience if we want to be creative and innovative: Stop being an expert, start being a beginner! Rather refreshing.

Our meetings three times a year bring us together literally and also business wise. We work closely together with the agencies from Norway and Sweden for Google. And we can help Belgium and France with our acquired knowledge for the Digitale Werkplaats.

After sun, palm trees and sangria, it’ll be time for knäckebröd, ABBA and Swedish meatballs at the end of May, at the invitation of Utsikt from Stockholm.