Where do you go when the Finnish 27Names partner organizes a meeting? Right! Lapland! Packed with snow, -15 and the Northern Lights. Here we come! Together with our European counterparts, we stood by for inspiration, brainstorming, discussions and, above all, to learn a lot from each other.

This time the theme was Human Resources. In the context of team coaching, we received guest speaker Puna Luke from Leidenschaft, an agency with a lot of experience in building corporate cultures with optimum team performance as the starting point. The most important tip is to read the Employee Handbook from publisher Nodstrum. One page, one rule: 'Use good judgment in all situations'. We can agree with that!

In between all the workshops there was also time for a lot of fun. From a husky trip to the Noorderlicht spotting (!). Next stop the sauna and then cool off in a wak... Brrr! Fortunately we were able to warm up again with delicious Finnish delicacies and a Finnish beer. Long live Lapland!

Full of inspiration and energy we return to the Netherlands. This will be a great year!