In the fall of 2019, we managed to acquire a fantastic space in the former diamond factory of Asscher in the heart of the Amsterdamse Pijp area. A long-cherished dream came true, a beautiful building for Reuring in the city. 

The Diamond Factory not only offers space for our own office, we also realize a spectacular workshop space: De Slijperij. A facility that perfectly matches what we strongly believe in; special meetings on a small scale with a deep impact. 

On January the 1st we received the key to a full shell pearl. No water, no electricity, no stairs, no walls. Vaulted columns, large windows, high ceilings and a lot of ambition. It's up to us to come up with the perfect layout and finish and find a willing contractor. 

Now, about 10 weeks later, we managed to rent De Slijperij for the long term, our move is planned (May 29) and Corona crisis broke out that is beyond our comprehension. Now that the future is so uncertain, we are happy to be able to focus on this great project. Move-over construction workers, the Reuringmakers have time and, as always, gladly roll up their sleeves!