On Thursday, July 25, 2019, Wouter Boits and Christine van Dalen signed the agreement for the sale of Christine's 50% interest in The Oval Office to Wouter.

MOVE taken over together

In 2016, Christine and Wouter took over MOVE, the event agency from Haarlem. The two joined forces in strengthening and further developing MOVE into a fully-fledged Live + Communication agency. Since the fall of 2017, the operation has continued under the new name The Oval Office.

One workplace

In the past three years, Bureau voor Reuring and The Oval Office shared the work floor and back-office facilities. The two agencies operated independently towards customers. Under the daily management of Bart van Wanrooij, The Oval Office has since achieved a strong position in the Dutch market. Christine says; 'The Oval Office is doing well and I can now imagine that the office is heading for a prosperous future without my involvement. That is a good time to take a step back to fully focus on the further growth of Bureau voor Reuring. I sell my share in the company to the partner with whom I had a fantastic collaboration. Nice is not it?'

Fruitful result of 27Names

Christine and Wouter have been working together for years within the European agency network 27Names. They got to know each other there, based on the idea that a leading agency must be affiliated with the network in every European country to be able to roll out projects internationally. The NL-BE click was large and resulted in a joint entrepreneurial adventure with the purchase of MOVE. Wouter and Christine still remain business partners within 27Names.