The year flew by, and what a year... The year in which Rembrandt died 350 years ago. In which the Netherlands won the Eurovision Song Contest and finally qualified for the European Championship again. We went from snow in May to heat records in July. The year of climate concerns and nitrogen problems. A lot of protests and a lot of avocado were consumed.

We also had a busy year at Reuring... We look back on twelve beautiful months full of excitement. 2019, you were beautiful!

1. Brunel Kick Off

Every year, Brunel and all its employees, pay attention to the results and learnings of the past year. Highlights are celebrated and rewarded. In addition, the targets for the coming year are set. With Brunel's Lean ambitions on the agenda this year.

2. Park NOW

For the second year in a row, this year in the UK, we organized the international Group Conference for ParkNow (including ParkMobile). This year was in the theme of being together. The UK and NL team are increasingly working together, from now on also under one corporate identity. The shareholders are also joining forces. A great time to come together and inform the press together.

3. Google Digitale Werkplaats

After several successful Google Digitale Werkplaats for Google, we went on tour this year. The place to follow free workshops in online marketing and programming came to you.


Uber launched the JUMP e-bikes throughout Europe this year. The press was summoned to launch the electric bicycles in Brussels together with the Minister of Transport. This includes a press event at a suitable location.

5. E-Fiber

E-Fiber installs fiber optics throughout the Netherlands. They are committed to super-fast and reliable internet from the beating center to the furthest farm. And everyone should know! This year too we were able to campaign for E-Fiber and that in a new style. 

6. Robeco

To celebrate Robeco's 90th anniversary, we organized a spectacular evening for 1200 national and, for the first time in 90 years, international colleagues with partners. And it was certainly spectacular!

7. Rembrandt

Speaking about Rembrandt... For the 'Iedereen een Rembrandt' campaign from the Mauritshuis, the Rijksmuseum, Museum Het Rembrandthuis and Museum De Lakenhal, we organized a mobile Rembrandt studio. A tour full of activations for young and old and were we brought Rembrandt back to life.

8. Nationale Nederlanden 

After 3 successful hackathons we had the honorable position to push our limits this year and to organize a new hackathon for Nationale Nederlanden.

9. Free Press Unlimited

Freedom of the press cannot be taken for granted. Worldwide journalists are threatened, sometimes even killed. FPU is committed to journalists in conflict areas. To create more awareness for these worrying situations, we set up various activities for FPU.

10. Transform 

For Think with Google we organized Transform for the first time this year. Google helps corporates with the digital transformation of their business. A day to inform, inspire and help all major customers to transform.

11. Royal Haskoning DHV

This year it is our honor to organize the annual dinner for all business and most respected relations of Royal Haskoning DHV and to take it to a higher level. Under the theme 'The Art of Intelligence', a creative combination of the past, present and future. A stylish evening which took place in the Prinsenhof museum and the Oude Kerk in Delft.

12. Youtube

Bram Krikke, StukTV, Dylan Haegens, Children for Children and Frenna all took home a YouTube award on 12th of December. We devised and organized the first edition of the YouTube Starry Night at the Tuschinski theater in Amsterdam and generated a lot of publicity for the brand.

On to the Reuring Twenties!