We capture the interest of your audience. But without shouting.

We know how to inject the ‘wow’ factor into your story. And we like to do that 'live', in the flesh. Our tools are newspapers, bus and tram stops, Instagram or mailings, extending our reach to the max. Whether it’s the Dutch public, your staff or business relations, our events and activations are at the core of our campaigns.

How do we roll?

Every successful project has a clear 'purpose'. The thinking kicks into gear and we develop a strategy. During brainstorming sessions - or under the shower - the big idea takes shape. Followed by the hard work. The nitty gritty. Designing, writing, researching and checking until it’s time for the presentation. Have we managed to create 'magic'? It’s the start of something beautiful...


Bureau for Reuring is founding partner of 27Names. An international group of 20 esteemed live communication agencies in 20 countries. This collaboration allows us to roll out events & campaigns throughout Europe. Meaning that we can guarantee local expertise as well as maintaining tight control of concept and brand. Our close connection and regular meetings make 27Names a rich source of knowledge and inspiration.